Eco-efficient construction

KONE installs thousands of elevators each year. Our aim is to ensure that our installation services are carried out in an eco-efficient way. Examples of our efforts in this area are:

  • Efficient installation processes and methods that reduce the number of technicians required on site and the environmental impacts of traveling. 
  • Clearly defined site requirements that need to be fulfilled before installation starts, eliminating unnecessary site visits. 
  • Environmentally efficient waste handling on site, using separate containers for hazardous, metal, electrical, wood, and mixed waste. 
  • Reduced chemical use through new installation methods – for example, reducing the amount of solvents needed for guide rail handling by 25,000 liters per year.

HIGHLIGHT: The KONE Eco-Safe Driving Program

The Eco-Safe driving program aims to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs by 10%, and to improve driving safety. The key elements of eco-safe driving are:

Eco: How our personnel can drive their vehicles in a more eco-efficient way to reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of our vehicle fleet.

Safe: how our personnel can drive their vehicles in a safer way to reduce the risk of an accident on the road.