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Cargo ships solutions

We help our customers look at the big picture and plan for the future while building cargo ships. We deliver more than equipment. We deliver a long-term solution that serves you for the lifetime of your ship.

Lower total cost of ownership

In the long term – over the lifetime of the equipment – KONE elevators provide lower total cost of ownership. This is the result of their superior reliability, which reduces downtime and maintenance costs, and their energy efficiency. Over their lifecycle onboard, KONE Eco-efficient™ solutions can provide significant energy savings.

You can depend on the leader

KONE is the leader in providing vertical transportation solutions for the marine sector. We have been designing, installing and maintaining elevators for a century – since 1910 – and we have been in the marine sector for decades. This enables us to be the first in experience at sea.

A full range of solutions

Our solutions cover all people flow requirements at sea. For shipowners, KONE solutions ensure eco-efficiency and long-term reliability, resulting in low overall lifecycle costs. For shipyards, KONE turnkey solutions ensure hassle-free selection, speedy delivery and dependable installation

A full range of services

We are in this together, for the long haul. We start working with you long before the ship’s maiden voyage, providing you with design, engineering and installation services. We provide lifetime services for your ships, with maintenance, spare parts, and modernization services available in all major ports.

Crew elevators

  • Intended for heavy shipboard use
  • Traffic control system minimizing waiting times
  • Space-efficiency
  • Custom design solutions

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  • Designed for the transportation of food or goods over short distances
  • A self-supporting shaft
  • Hinged or vertical sliding doors
  • Meet strict hygienic requirements
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KONE MonoSpace®

  • 1996 - a breakthrough KONE innovation
  • The first machine-room-less elevator on the market
  • Saves space - all the hoisting equipment is located inside the shaft
  • Over 200,000 installed since 1996

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KONE MiniSpace™

  • Small machine-room elevator
  • Only a small machine room above, beside or below the shaft
  • 60% smaller than for a conventional traction elevator
  • Highly efficient, gearless solution for high capacity requirements

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  • reduced standby energy consumption of the elevators
  • regenerative systems that recover the elevator’s braking energy
  • stand-by speed and minimized start-up energy consumption for escalatorsMore about KONE eco-efficient solutions

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