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KONE Eco-efficient™ solutions

Energy saving escalators

KONE is the first in the industry to offer an eco-efficient escalator, which combines a highly-efficient drive system with a compact drive to achieve new levels in energy-efficiency, space saving, reliability and aesthetics. A KONE escalator can also save energy when there are no passengers on board. By using standby speed and energy-efficient LED lights, you can cut the escalator’s energy consumption considerably. Many of our solutions are available as easy to install retrofit packages.

Standby on the escalator

KONE escalators can slow to stand-by speed when no one is on board, adjusting power usage depending on the passenger load and minimizing start-up energy consumption. Tests show typical energy savings of 20-40%, depending on the passenger flow.

Energy saving elevators

The power behind our eco-efficient solutions is the KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine, which can save half or more of the energy consumed by an elevator. Our solutions not only save energy when the elevator is moving. We also provide solutions that reduce standby energy consumption when the elevator is standing still. Working together, these solutions can save as much as three quarters of the elevator’s total energy consumption. Over the lifetime of the equipment, the energy savings can amount to more than the original cost of the elevator.

Please take a look a fact sheet about eco-efficient options for elevators below.

Item Hydraulic Traction EcoDisc®
Speed (m/s) 0.63 1.0 1.0
Load (kg) 630 630 630
Motor size (kW) 11 5.5 3.7
Main fuse size (A) 50 35 16
Energy consumption (kWh/y) 7200 5000 3000
Thermal losses (kW) *) 3.8 3.0 1.0
Oil requirements (l) 200 2.5 0
Weight (kg) **) 650 430 230
Typical noise level (dBA) ***) 65-70 66-75 50-55
Typical machine-room (m3) 5 12 0

*) 180 starts/H **) Hydraulic: pump, motor, oil, container and lift jacket included / Traction 2 speed: hoisting unit and bed plate included / EcoDisc: hoisting unit and fixing brackets included ***) Measured 1 m from machine

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KONE EcoPower™ regenerating solutions

KONE is a pioneer in developing regenerative systems that recover the elevator’s braking energy, instead of losing it as heat. These solutions transfer up to 90% of this energy back to the network.

LED lights save energy

Up to 35% of the cost of running an elevator is related to lighting. LED lamps reduce energy consumption by 80% compared with halogen lights. This amounts to savings of 560 kWh/year for each elevator.