Cruise ship solutions: first impressions matter

For the passengers on a cruise, the experience is more important than the destination. So once they step on board, they expect everything to be perfect, from the first impression to the last look back as they disembark and head for home. KONE elevators and escalators are an important part of the passengers' memorable experiences.

See below a full range of KONE Marine eco-efficient solutions for managing people and goods flow.

Passenger elevators

  • Intended for heavy shipboard use
  • Traffic control system minimizing waiting times
  • Space-efficiency
  • Custom design solutions

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Scenic elevators

  • A vast range of selected or custom-made designs
  • Modular cars embodying every desirable car shape
  • A variety of pre-designed flat or curved glass viewing screens
  • The decoration can be changed to suit the place and event - see KONE Deco ™

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Service elevators

  • Efficient transportation of luggage and goods
  • Intelligent, microprocessor-based control system
  • Strict hygienic requirements
  • Design customized according to the logistic needs

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Easy-access elevators

  • Ideal for passengers with impaired mobility
  • Space, weight and cost savings
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Short production and installation time

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  • Designed for the transportation of food or goods over short distances
  • A self-supporting shaft
  • Hinged or vertical sliding doors
  • Meet strict hygienic requirements
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  • Chainless drive construction and small installation dimensions
  • Energy-efficiency and power-saving features
  • High levels of reliability and low noise level
  • Wide range of attractive finishes

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KONE MonoSpace®

  • 1996 - a breakthrough KONE innovation
  • The first machine-room-less elevator on the market
  • Saves space - all the hoisting equipment is located inside the shaft
  • Over 200,000 installed since 1996

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KONE MiniSpace™

  • Small machine-room elevator
  • Only a small machine room above, beside or below the shaft
  • 60% smaller than for a conventional traction elevator
  • Highly efficient, gearless solution for high capacity requirements

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Plug-in installation

  • Installation time and cost savings
  • Reduced testing and commissioning time
  • Minimal shipyard involvement
  • High quality workmanship

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TrafCal™ elevator traffic analysis

  • Simulation of onboard situations
  • A through assessment of the movement of passengers and crews
  • Analysis of the best elevators location and capacity
  • Helps create an ideal solution for the people flow

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