The KONE Deco™ option – a unique passenger experience

KONE Deco™

KONE Deco is a new concept that provides added beauty and character to your elevator car. Deco can be provided as a factory fitted item or designed locally to your requirements. KONE’s factory fitted options give you the choice of a wide range of picture graphics designed specifically for the back wall of the elevator car. With KONE Deco you can make each elevator ride a memorable experience.

KONE Deco™ consists of replaceable elements for car interiors, doors, and landings. A wide selection of materials is available, such as stone, metal and wood patterns. The design can also be based on your own photographs, so you can have a unique elevator design, for example, with seasonal themes.

KONE Executive option

For a truly unique elevator, the KONE Executive option takes you to the top in style. Have you got teak on the promenade deck? Marble walls in the restaurant? Brass fittings in the staterooms? Would you like to match them in the elevators, to create a uniform passenger experience throughout the ship? With the KONE Executive option you can choose any material and we will create a unique elevator for you.

To find out more about KONE Deco contact your local KONE sales person.