Compact elevators

Many people find it difficult to use the stairs or conventional elevators. These include people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users, the visually impaired, people on crutches, the elderly, and parents with babies or young children.

In addition, modern-day legal regulations necessitate the availability of equal access for disabled people. However, due to space limitations, a full-size elevator is not practical. In many cases only half-floor access is required. Or there may be insufficient space to install a lift with a shaft and machine-room.


Compact elevators, always integrated with the shaft, are the most space-efficient solutions in the market.

The most compact elevator in the market

  • Car size can be customized according to the available space
  • Smallest pit and headroom
  • TTC do not change the dimensions

Shortest disturbance for the passengers

  • Shaft and elevator in one delivery
  • Self supporting shaft
  • Fast installation

Environmental friendly

  • Low energy consumption
  • Does not use oil


Fully complies with all legal requirements and standards for disabled access

  • Highest space-efficiency in the market
    • Car width = shaft width less 200mm
    • Car depth = shaft depth less 150mm
    • Pit 100mm (minimum)
    • Headroom 2500mm (minimum)
    • Same depth for through type cars
    • Up to 150 different sizes
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Aesthetically pleasing, can be glazed on all sides


  • Automatic centre opening car doors
  • Single hinged landing doors
  • Aluminium door handles
  • 415v frequency drive
  • Solid metal faced insulated shaft panels


  • Speed 0,6m/s
  • Max load 675kg/9 persons
  • Max travel 10m
  • Max 3 stops
  • Min headroom 2500 mm
  • Min pit 100 mm


  • Glazing to all 4 sides
  • Mixture of glazed and solid panels
  • Shaft in optional colour
  • Automatic landing doors
  • Extra high doors (2100mm)
  • Car and ceiling finishes
  • Glazing to lift car walls
  • Black box interior for clients own finishes
  • Mirror
  • Fold down seat
  • Beech or stainless steel handrail
  • Teak, oak or stainless steel door handles
  • Operation panel with Braille
  • Voice anounciator