KONE escalators' continuous operation allows an exceptionally smooth flow of people. They offer excellent value through a combination of safety, reliability, environmental benefits and energy savings. They operate smoothly and quietly, and provide low life-cycle costs.

Continuous flow between decks

KONE escalators provide continuous, efficient people flow between decks. They really show their value in solving bottlenecks, for example, during embarkation and disembarkation. Escalators are also very useful when the galley is below the restaurant, so that waiters can move smoothly between decks.


KONE escalators can slow to stand-by speed when no one is on board, adjusting power usage depending on the passenger load and minimizing start-up energy consumption. Tests show typical energy savings of 20-40%, depending on the passenger flow. Featuring the sophisticated ECO3000™ Drive, KONE Marine escalators set the standard for safety, reliability, visual design, space savings and environmental performance.

Aesthetic appeal

KONE also provides many aesthetic solutions to make the escalator an eye-catching feature of the ship. They have a wide variety of external cladding and illumination features that enable them to be easily integrated into almost any architectural concept.

Energy saving escalators

KONE is the first in the industry to offer an eco-efficient escalator, which combines a highly-efficient drive system with a compact drive to achieve new levels in energy-efficiency, space saving, reliability and aesthetics.

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