Scenic elevators

The panoramic view over the promenade deck from a KONE scenic elevator, the perception of splendid light and abundant space, the overall excitement of being in the midst of a luxurious environment, all these create a great first impression of the ship. An impression that stays.

Unforgettable impressions

Designed by top architects, KONE Marine interiors help emphasize the atmosphere of comfort and luxury. There is a wide range of attractive designs that you can easily customize to match your ship’s design theme. You can also create a custom-designed solution.

Simplified choice, unlimited selection

KONE provides scenic elevators with a variety of pre-engineered models and shapes, both with flat and curved glass, making it easy to integrate the elevator into the ship’s design. You can choose from our preferred selection. You can mix and match the components. Also KONE works with you to create a unique scenic elevator to match your unique vision - the KONE Executive option takes you to the top in style.

Change the décor as often as you like

KONE Deco™ consists of replaceable elements for car interiors, doors, and landings. A wide selection of materials is available, such as stone, metal and wood patterns. The design can also be based on your own photographs, so you can have a unique elevator design, for example, with seasonal themes.

KONE Eco-efficient™ solutions

KONE is a pioneer in developing solutions that save energy and thus reduce the carbon footprint.

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