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Through effective research and development, KONE continuously strives to improve the eco-efficiency of its solutions.

The KONE MonoSpace Machine Room-Less platform is one of the most environmentally sound elevator concepts in the industry. Based on our KONE EcoDisc technology, it incorporates KONE’s commitment to deliver environmentally sound solutions that use less energy and recycle as many products and components as possible.

Space is always limited on the ships. To help you respond to this challenge, KONE offers a complete range of solutions which free up valuable space, save energy and cut construction costs:

  • KONE MonoSpace® machine-room-less elevators require only a single space, the shaft.
  • KONE MiniSpace™ requires only a very small machine room which is an extension of the shaft itself - an innovation introduced by KONE.
  • KONE EcoDisc®

KONE MonoSpace®

  • 1996 - a breakthrough KONE innovation
  • the first machine-room-less elevator on the market
  • saves space - all the hoisting equipment is located inside the shaft
  • over 200,000 installed since 1996

See a detailed description of KONE MonoSpace® solution.

KONE MiniSpace™

  • small machine-room elevator
  • only a small machine room above, beside or below the shaft
  • 60% smaller than for a conventional traction elevator
  • highly efficient, gearless solution for high capacity requirements

See a detailed description of KONE MiniSpace™ solution.


All KONE elevators use gearless KONE EcoDisc® machinery. Compared to conventional geared systems, this offers:

  • Energy efficiency (Up to 50% less power consumption)
  • Increased reliability and safety (Fewer wearing parts)
  • Lower construction costs
  • Better passenger comfort (highly reduced noise levels and a smoother ride)

KONE introduced the first KONE EcoDisc® machinery in 1996, revolutionizing the elevator industry.

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KONE E-Link™ performance monitoring

You can monitor the transportation demand, performance, and availability of elevators and escalators throughout the ship.


An LCD screen in the elevator can display any information you like: news, weather, or destionation.