Service/crew elevators

Service elevators

KONE elevators intended for the ship’s crew and service functions are designed for extra heavy duty shipboard use with high technical performance.

KONE service elevators are available with advanced control system and automation which minimizes the waiting times and contributes to the ship’s lifetime profitability. KONE service elevators transport staff efficiently between decks, for example, from the galley to the restaurant. KONE elevators are powered by KONE EcoDisc® hoisting technology. KONE solutions are 50% more energy efficient than competing conventional solutions. This can lead to considerable energy savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

Clean and hygienic

KONE elevators for transporting ship’s provisions and catering products meet strict hygienic requirements. To make these elevators easy to clean, the stainless steel cladding can be provided with smooth and rounded corners to comply with USPHS requirements.

Fast and smart

KONE Marine offers consultancy services which include luggage handling capacity calculations to optimize the transportation system onboard. Based on the requirements of ship owners and designers, service lifts can have their own Luggage Handling Mode, that includes signalization system and software automation. The mode of operation is tailor-made for the needs of a customer and is determined according to the requirements of the ship owners and designers. KONE service elevators are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the most demanding environments.

Service elevators

KONE Marine service elevators - best design for high efficiency and reliability.