Plug-in installation

Plug-in trunk construction of elevator saves considerable time during ship construction. The pre-fabricated module is lowered into position and welded in place.

Accelerated shipbuilding process

In addition to the traditional installation methods, KONE has developed the Plug-In concept. The elevator equipment is pre-installed in a pre-fabricated trunk module which is manufactured as a steel framework. Minimal interference with the shipbuilding process is guaranteed as installation work is confined to the trunk. In fact, it accelerates building processes as the elevator can be used during construction of the ship.

Pre-assembly of tested elevator

Pre-assembly of the elevator takes place prior to it being transported to the yard. In this way the complete unit with trunk, hoist way, elevator car, emergency ladder, machinery and all electrical components can be tested before being integrated into the ship’s structure in a single package.

Smooth transportation process

The Plug-In units are delivered to the yard in smaller sections for welding together on site. The shipyard prepares the ship by cutting an opening in all the decks through which the banks of elevators are individually lowered.

On-board installation

Only a minimum amount of work needs to be done at the shipyard: the unit is lowered into position and welded in place. Then it is ready to serve other people working on the ship.

State-of-the-art components

The strength and weight of the trunk construction is carefully optimized by using advanced computer calculations. The components incorporate KONE’s latest technology and are specifically designed for demanding and heavy-duty use, to provide reliable performance and a long lifetime of smooth operation.