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KONE Maintenance - first in coverage

Service in all major ports

We provide global maintenance services for our own and other suppliers’ elevators and escalators, backed by a global service network serving you in all major ports.

Our service base covers 570,000 elevators and escalators and 290,000 automatic building doors.We operate about 800 service centers in more than 50 countries. At KONE, 13,000 maintenance professionals are at your service. We can provide worldwide service for a single ship or for your entire fleet. We focus on keeping your equipment operating reliably.

KONE Care™ Marine maintenance solutions

You can choose the KONE Care™ Marine solution based on a required service level. KONE offers Standard and Premium contracts; these modular packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

See our Service portfolio to learn about the range of our maintenance solutions.


KONE Marine maintains your equipment effectively in order to provide the highest standards of quality and safety. Maintenance actions are defined systematically according to the unique profile of your equipment in order to minimize disruption to the daily operations of your ship.

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KONE supports your business by reacting quickly to your service requests. Maintenance services, equipment upgrades and modernization are carried out by our skilled technicians when your ship is at port or en route between the ports. We do everything possible to ensure that there is as little disturbance as possible to the passengers and the crew.


KONE ensures the availability, reliability and quality of the equipment. However, if a corrective action is required, KONE technicians will respond quickly and efficiently in order to ensure minimal disruption. KONE has the commitment to ensure the relevant spare parts are available in order to minimize lead times.

Spare parts

KONE offers maximum availability of the equipment. KONE stocks a wide range of spare parts for your equipment in order to ensure the fast delivery of spare parts. KONE also has the capability to provide spare parts for other suppliers’ equipment.

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Mechanics recommendation

KONE’s people are committed to providing you with the superior service level. We ensure that each service technician responsible for your premises is fully trained and has sufficient knowledge to work on all the equipment you have onboard. KONE service technicians are trained in the provision of professional services to meet your unique needs.