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First-class service portfolio

We have created the most complete and flexible service portfolio in the marine business. KONE´s maintenance methods and schedules are tailored to suit the usage and maximize the performance of customer’s equipment. Comprehensive maintenance solutions enable the equipment to run efficiently for its entire lifetime. And as a result of KONE´s continuing development of upgrade packages, the lifetime can be extended well into the future.

The KONE Care™ Marine Standard

The KONE Care™ Marine Standard solution maximizes the equipment’s life time performance and safety with a preventive service program and decreases equipment downtime. It offers full compliance to safety requirements by law and standards

The KONE Care™ Marine Premium

The KONE Care™ Marine Premium package provides comprehensive maintenance including repairs and spare parts to an agreed limit. The Premium contract ensures that you can accurately budget maintenance costs, with no surprises.

Modular Based Maintenance

The idea behind our preventive maintenance service is to proactively identify and fix minor malfunctions before they can cause downtime and inconvenience to passengers and crews. Maintenance activities are based on different technical modules and their service requirements.

Inspection service

KONE can provide technical and performance inspections to ensure that the equipment meets all relevant regulations. We can also provide detailed recommendations on how to maintain and modernize the equipment. KONE issues required certification and technical documentation for the relevant authorities and insurers.

Crew training

On most ships, there will not be a KONE technician on board. KONE can provide tailored safety and entrapment rescue training either on board the ship or at KONE’s own facilities.

Service repairs

KONE makes service repairs in all major ports, in more than fifty countries. Service repairs consist of labor and spares and ensure that customer’s equipment is performing correctly.

Call-Out service

A technician will be sent to the port to solve problems with short notice at customer’s request.


The KONE Care for Life™ service is a thorough analysis of the installation, paying particular attention to performance, safety, aesthetics and accessibility. Based on this assessment, we present a range of solutions. These can range from regular maintenance to modular modernization and full replacement.