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Elevator modernization

A flexible approach

You can select the modules that require the most urgent attention, and upgrade the other modules as needed. For example, you can replace the electrical system or upgrade the interior, while leaving the mechanical components intact. Modular solutions cover control units, hoisting, signalization, doors, electrical systems, car interior, and safety issues.

Modular solutions

A modular solution enables you to modernize the elevator with minimal time in dry dock and minimal impact on the ship’s structure.

  • With a new computerized control system, you can lower the elevator’s energy consumption and reduce the waiting time.
  • The KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine saves space and signifi cantly reduces energy consumption. The gearless design needs no oil and gives a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • A new signalization package immediately refreshes the passenger interfaces inside the elevator and on the landings. The packages are designed to provide improved access for passengers with impaired mobility.
  • New KONE elevator doors automatically open wide to give safe access for passengers of all ages. KONE ReNova™ Slim doors increase comfort and safety, and they also save space.
  • A new car interior can be installed in just one working day to give the elevator a brand-new look. The interior comes as a complete solution, with sidewalls, ceiling and floor covering as well as modern lighting and a new operating panel.
  • Worn-out electrical components often cause malfunctions, so the best way to increase the performance and safety of an old elevator is to modernize its electrification system

KONE MonoSpace®

  • 1996 - a breakthrough KONE innovation
  • The first machine-room-less elevator on the market
  • Saves space - all the hoisting equipment is located inside the shaft
  • Over 200,000 installed since 1996

KONE MiniSpace™

  • Small machine-room elevator
  • Only a small machine room above, beside or below the shaft
  • 60% smaller than for a conventional traction elevator
  • Highly efficient, gearless solution for high capacity requirements


To address safety issues, we offer modular packages. The basic package includes the controller, electrifi cation, hoisting and signalization. This allows you to have the latest technology inside the shaft while keeping the existing landing doors, minimizing disturbance and reducing costs.