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Escalator modernization

Full replacement or modernization

In full modernization, you retain the truss, but replace all other escalator components. In full replacement, the entire installation including the truss is removed and a new one is put in its place. This can be done in open, easy to access locations to give the benefits of a new escalator, with quick installation time

Modular modernization

This allows modernization to be done quickly, with a minimal impact on the ship’s operation. You can replace the modules that require the most urgent attention, and upgrade the others as needed. In this way you get a safe, reliable and energy-efficient escalator, and modernization that is fast, clean and less disruptive.

  • Replacing the old worm gear with a highly efficient KONE drive reduces energy consumption and improves performance. The chainless drive minimizes downtime and increases the availability of your escalators.
  • Replacing the old controller with a new microprocessor-based controller significantly improves safety and energy-efficiency. The KONE controller connects to the latest safety monitoring systems.
  • Improving the aesthetic appearance of the escalator can make it an eye-catching feature of the ship. Numerous upgrade packages are available to integrate with the design of the ship.
  • Safety requirements have become much stricter in recent years. KONE provides solutions to upgrade your escalator so that it conforms with the latest norms and safety standards.
  • Good accessibility makes the escalator safer and more convenient for all passengers. Upgrade packages are available for the entrance/exit areas to provide visual and audible announcements as well as travel direction indication.

KONE EcoMod™ Less time in dry dock

With KONE EcoMod™ full escalator modernization, you replace the entire escalator but keep the existing truss. This eliminates costly structural modifications, and you can preserve the existing décor, such as decks and walls. In this way you get new escalator technology with installation that is faster, cleaner and less disruptive. Escalator modernization can also be carried out while the ship is in dry dock or at sea.