Celebrity Eclipse

The Celebrity Eclipse is the third in a series of Solstice class ships in Royal Caribbean’s Celebrity Cruise fleet, which boasts magnificent architecture and design combined with advanced technology.

Year 2010
Location Germany
Solutions 4 KONE MonoSpace™ Passenger elevators 8 KONE MiniSpace™ Scenic elevators 1 KONE MiniSpace™ Service elevator 8 KONE MonoSpace® Service elevators 1 easy-access platform elevator 1 dumbwaiter

Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruises


Meyer Werft, Germany

Ship facts

Length: 317 meters
Width: 36.8 meters
Gross tonnage: 122,000
Capacity: 2850 passengers, ca. 1270 staff

Design features

Nearly invisible cabling for scenic elevators
Custom scenic elevator cars with unique shape and frame
Glass ceilings and sandblasted glass floors
Unique colored light signalization above the elevator landing door


To design panoramic elevators per the architect’s vision, combining engineering mastery with innovative synchronized guidance


Close cooperation between KONE and the architect from the early design phase to ensure visually stunning elevators that serve the ship’s unique purpose

Matching the vision

For passengers, a cruise ship is an escape: an indulgent diversion from daily stress and routine. For those creating the experience, it is a demanding task to ensure the elements of the ship's interior match the ship's overall aesthetics from aft to bow.
The eight panoramic elevators traveling up 15 decks were designed by Scott Butler of Wilson Butler Architects, and KONE was able to recreate the architect’s vision of these jewel-like elevators through full-scale prototypes created at a factory.

Butler and his team appreciated the structured process of review and refinement. “The most rewarding measure of teamwork is when a manufacturer understands a designer’s comments and goes the extra distance. KONE substantially improved the original mock-up prior to our second inspection,” notes Butler.

Better guidance, less wait

Signalization systems are the only user interface that passengers control to receive information regarding their journey. With eight elevators on each landing, it is essential for guests to identify correctly which elevator arrives first. KONE and Butler jointly developed a unique signalization solution for the landing call stations that directs the passenger to the correct elevator, thus decreasing the wait time.

As evidenced by the positive reviews, the Celebrity Eclipse surpasses all expectations for design. KONE recognizes that quality design and engineering mastery of elevators at sea makes for satisfied designers and delighted passengers. It also makes for happy customers.