Oasis - class cruise ships

When Royal Caribbean International launched Oasis of the Seas in 2009, the world’s largest floating hotel was introduced. It was soon followed by the sister ships the Allure of the Seas and the Harmony of the Seas will be launched in 2016 and fourth Oasis-class vessel two years later.

Year Oasis (2009), Allure (2010), Harmony (2016), Oasis 4 (2018)
Location Finland
Solutions 12 KONE MiniSpace™ Passenger elevators, 12 KONE MiniSpace™ Scenic elevators, 4 KONE MiniSpace™ Service elevators (3 in Allure & Oasis of the Seas), 14 KONE MonoSpace® Service elevators, 2 KONE Travel Master™ galley escalators, 3 KONE Motala 2000 platforms, KONE E-Link monitoring system (Oasis 4), Regenerative drives for all elevators, Gangway button

Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line


Aker Yards/STX Finland (Oasis & Allure) STX France (Harmony & Oasis 4)

Ship facts

Length: 360 meters
Width: 66 meters
Gross tonnage: 227,000
Capacity: 5400 passengers, 2300 staff


To ensure the smooth flow of 7,500 people on board the world’s largest cruise ship


Strong cooperation between KONE and customer during all phases of the project.
Tailor made elevator and escalator solutions match the design of the ship.
Innovative plug-in installation methods to help reduce construction time.
Maintenance training for crew members.

A floating palace

The Oasis class cruise ships are the world’s largest cruise ships. These extraordinary ships pack the entertainment punch of a bustling metropolis and include attractions such as a water park, an ice-skating rink, a full-blown Broadway theater, and a real park with 12,000 plants.

With heavy traffic in all directions 24 hours a day, the challenge was to ensure the smooth flow of 7,500 people on board the world’s largest cruise ship. Design was also of course a major aspect in a project like this. All solutions have to fit the overall look and feel of the ship.

Strong cooperation and tailor made solutions

KONE Marine is the market leader in providing solutions for cruise ships and collaborates with the customer during all phases of the project. “We have never thought about any other option than working with KONE,” said Harri Kulovaara, executive vice president at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “Oasis of the Seas is a technical masterpiece – a result of tremendous collaboration between wonderful minds.”

To improve people flow, our innovative and unique gangway button in the elevators directs the passengers automatically to the correct deck for disembarkation, which varies according to the port. Elevator modes are synchronized with the guest communication system so that disembarking instructions, for example, are automatically displayed on the elevators’ LCD screens.